Cartozzo's Wholesale Bakery

Give us a call...we can make it all!

Cartozzo's Bakery is a gourmet wholesale bakery company specializing in all types of breads and rolls including: French and Italian Breads, Po-Boys, Pistolettes, Focaccia, Dinner Rolls, Muffulettas, and Hamburger Buns. Our products are in more restaurants, and relative businesses than you would imagine. We also service casinos and many other large venues on the Gulf Coast.

Aside from the products listed below, we also wholesale everything on the retail end of our website like, King Cakes and our Crawfish Breads & Pies.  Additionally, we can create custom breads for various needs, ready-to-eat/pre packaged deli-sandwiches, and also offer Private Labeling. We are a one stop wholesale bakery shop for all your baking needs. We can not wait to hear from you!